W. J. Boyle & Son

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Our Stores

We own 7 shoes stores throughout the island.

5 shoe stores in the city of Hamilton,
and 2 branch stores – one in St George’s and one in Somerset.

About Us

We are an award-winning group of shoe stores based on the island of Bermuda. We have expanded from our humble beginnings as a family-run shoe shop opened by William James Boyle, to seven thriving stores around the island. Of these seven stores, five are located in Hamilton, one in St George's, and one in Somerset. Our seven stores dominate the footwear industry in Bermuda thanks to the premium-quality products that we provide. We provide the island with a wide range of men’s, women’s and children's shoes. Some of our brands include Nine West, Anne Our range of stores include our flagship store W. J. Boyle & Son Ltd on Queen Street, Hamilton; Sports Locker also on Queen Street; Trends on Reid Street which recently won The Best of Bermuda Award again this year. Trends has been the recipient of this award for several years.

Our History

W. J. Boyle & Son was founded in 1884 in St. George’s as a General Store.
It is still family owned and operated. Today the company is run
by the 4th generation of William James Boyle.

Our Community Involvement

Without the continued support from Bermudians,Boyles would not have grown to be the leader<br> in shoe stores on the island. Therefore, we take pride in giving back to the wonderful local community.<br> We have been a proud sponsor of the Bermuda Football Association Premier League teams over<br> the years, including Dandytown, Boulevard, Somerset Trojans and the Devonshire Cougars. <br><br>Additionally we sponsor the YAO Baseball Organization, a popular youth programme.<br> Outside of supporting local sports programmes, we also support Family Centre to assist<br> in providing critical counselling services for Bermuda’s at risk families.

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W. J. Boyle & Son - Est. 1884

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